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Hydraulic Pump Repair

K+S Services specializes in hydraulic pump repair. We are an ISO-Certified company, bringing you only the best repair solutions to suit your needs.

Our engineers can rebuild/remanufacture your hydraulic pump to bring its operation back to OEM specifications.  Our technicians have been factory trained in the repair process of hydraulic pump repair.  After the repair or remanufacturing process is complete, each item is system tested to ensure proper operation, OEM specification verification, and extended operation under load. If a hydraulic pump has been repaired, we run it in a system to duplicate real world applications.

Underperforming Hydraulics Can Lead to Vacuum Pump Problems

Hydraulic Pump RepairIt’s always exciting to see new equipment run for the first time. It’s also a bit saddening to realize that it may never run that well again. Naturally, with continued use, equipment becomes a little less efficient and productive. That is where K+S Services comes in. Our hydraulic pump repair services restore hydraulic vacuum pumps to peak efficiency.  We also do expert hydraulic cylinder repair and standard hydraulic repairs.

Friction Causes Wear on the Pump Interior

Hydraulic pump repair companies and manufacturers machine the internal parts to tight tolerances. Lubrication by hydraulic fluid keeps the parts moving and cuts down on wear. Still, there is no type or amount of lubrication that will keep pumps running forever. Eventually, pumps become less efficient and fluid leaks become a serious problem.

Dirt, Moisture and Industrial Chemicals Damage the Pump Exterior

Industrial settings don’t have a reputation for cleanliness. Exposure to moisture, dirt and chemicals is common. Such substances can cause corrosion and wear on the exterior surfaces. Not attending to these problems can shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

Incorrect or Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid Promotes Wear

Hydraulic Pump Repair ServicesSubstandard or contaminated hydraulic fluid is a major cause of failure. The wrong fluid can affect the operating efficiency of the pump. Contaminated fluid can speed up the wear and tear of internal components. Purchasing hydraulic fluid from reputable sources minimizes the potential for this situation. Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand the importance of using the correct fluid.

It’s Not Like You Can Just Go Out and Pick Up a New Unit

Hydraulic pumps and accessories have long service lives. They may have been standard catalog items in the beginning but, today, they are obsolete. Retrofitting your system with different units would be costly and time-consuming. The best option is to breathe new life into your existing equipment. That means having a hydraulic pump repair service rebuilding or remanufacturing it to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Hydraulic pump repair services can rebuild or completely remanufacture hydraulic vacuum equipment. No unit is too large. Final hydraulic pump testing at K+S Services occurs in a simulated real-world application. At the end of the extended test, a supervisor reviews the unit. If it is operating properly and conforms to OEM specifications, the repair is complete.

All repair orders follow the 8-Step Certified Repair process. The customer may track the progress of the repair order through the customer portal.

  1. Receiving: Log the order in the repair tracking system.
  2. Evaluating: Determine the cause of failure.
  3. Quoting: Prepare a customer quote.
  4. Approving: Schedule the order after customer approval.
  5. Repairing: Repair and perform initial testing.
  6. System and Quality Testing: Review and approve the running item by the supervisor.
  7. Repair and Testing Reports: Prepare the completion reports.
  8. Shipping: Pack and ship the item.

Not Having a Spare Can Be a Serious Problem

You knew that your hydraulic pump wasn’t going to last forever. Maybe it let you know the end is near. Perhaps it just stopped working altogether and a hydraulic pump repair is necessary. Do you have a spare? If not, one may be available.

K+S Services has an inventory of over 40,000 remanufactured and fully tested spare parts. They come with a full one year warranty and are available for purchase or exchange.

Where do these parts come from? They come from customers like you. Replacing and repairing obsolete and discontinued equipment is always a challenge. Having a huge volume of reconditioned spare parts and equipment is good for everyone. Contact us to discuss how we can help you recycle your surplus or unneeded equipment.

Some of the major manufacturers whose products we do hydraulic pump repair for include:

46, 500 , 600 , 700, 800, 900
All DFC-Series
Gold Cup Series
P1F , P1V , P2F-V P3F-V, PA,
World Cup Series

A, AN, BD, C, D, DN, F, HG, H
20-L, 80-L, C-11

Contact us for more info

2520V, 3525V
All PVB Series
All PVQ Series
All PVE Series
All PVV Series
PV 2003, PV 2008, PV 2012
PV 2020, PV 2032, PV 2050
PV 2125, PV 2200, V-108
V-134, V-138, V-144, V-400
V-468, V-5230, VC-108
VC-138, VC-148

Stay Ahead of Your Hydraulic Equipment Problems

Are you in the middle of a hydraulic equipment crisis? Do you have hydraulics that are ready to fail? Is there a spare hydraulic vacuum pump or blower that you are ready to recycle? Contact one of our hydraulic pump repair representatives at K+S Services and let us help you address your hydraulic pump needs.

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K+S Services conserve plus de 5 millions de dollars de stock excédentaire d’articles réusinés pour les équipements anciens ou obsolètes. Que vous soyez dans une situation d’urgence, bloqué avec une pièce que le fabricant d’origine ne prend plus en charge ou que vous recherchiez simplement une option moins coûteuse que l’achat d’une nouvelle pièce, K+S peut trouver une solution à votre problème. Toutes nos pièces de rechange réusinées sont entièrement testées dans un environnement en « boucle fermée » afin de garantir leur bon fonctionnement. Elles sont donc prêtes à être installées dans votre équipement dès leur livraison.

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Notre processus de réparation certifié ISO 9001:2015 nous permet de garantir que toutes les réparations sont exécutées correctement, de sorte que toutes les pièces vous soient renvoyées dans un excellent état de fonctionnement. Notre portail client vous donne la possibilité de suivre vos pièces tout au long du processus. Découvrez notre processus de réparation en huit étapes.

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Hydraulic Pump Repair


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